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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
“Development Of Primary Education In Manipur With Special Reference To Bishnupur District Between 1984-93”
Dr Kh. Kesho Singh
Pages: 4351-4359
This article aims to document the evolution of basic education in Manipur, specifically in the Bishnupur area, across time. It is also an attempt to illustrate the pivotal role that a variety of local and international players, as well as institutions, played in bringing modern education to a little kingdom such as Manipur. Primary education does, in fact, have a fundamental impact on a child's or student's character and personality development. It gives a person a way to define their preferences and goals and provides a range of possibilities to consider for their next educational path.
Primary Education, Loishang, Pathsala, Sanskrit, Western Education, Kangla, Moirangkhom, Tera, World War.