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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 13 2021 | None
A Study on Challenges and Implications of Self-Reliant India
Ms. Giribala Lallubhai Parmar
Pages: 2415-2423
The pursuit of self-reliance in India presents a multifaceted journey marked by challenges, opportunities, and transformative implications. This study delves into the intricate landscape of India's quest for economic autonomy, examining key challenges that hinder the realization of self-sufficiency across various sectors. Through a comprehensive review of scholarly works, the study identifies trade dependencies, technological gaps, infrastructural bottlenecks, and financial constraints as critical barriers to self-reliance. It underscores the role of innovation, research, and collaboration between government, industries, and academia in addressing these challenges. Drawing insights from experts such as Subramanian, Ahluwalia, and Ghosh, the study envisions a future roadmap for a self-reliant India, highlighting the importance of a robust manufacturing sector, advancements in technology, and strategic policy interventions. This research contributes to a holistic understanding of the challenges and implications associated with India's pursuit of self-reliance, offering valuable insights for policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders invested in shaping a self-sufficient and resilient Indian economy.
self-reliance, economic autonomy, challenges, barriers, innovation, collaboration, technological gaps, infrastructural bottlenecks, trade dependencies, policy interventions, India.