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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 15 2023 | None
Joshi Padma, Kirsagar Akash, Buddula Raghuram, Gundla Sathvika, G chethan kumar reddy
Pages: 53-59
we present an approach for Human computer Interaction (HCI), where we have tried to control the mouse cursor, movement and click events of the mouse using hand gestures. Hand gestures were acquired using a camera based on colour detection technique. This method mainly focuses on the use of a Web Camera to develop a virtual human computer interaction device in a cost effective manner. As the computer technology is growing up, the importance of human computer interaction is rapidly increasing. Most devices use Touch screen technology which cannot be affordable to all the applications. A virtual human based Computer interactive module such as virtual mouse, can be an alternative way for the traditional touch screen. In the current situation where we are adjusting our living while being in the pandemic, a touch-less mouse controller will be useful to eliminate the risk of spreading infection through touch on public service devices. In this project, we have created an AI-based Mouse Controller. It will first detect the hand landmarks, then track and then perform functions. We have also applied smoothing techniques to make it more usable. The virtual mouse will be operated without touching any device or screen. The domain of the project is AI/ML. The programming language used is mainly Python. This system is based on the concept of computer vision.
AI Virtual Mouse, Hand Recognition, OpenCV, Mediapipe, Object Tracking.