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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Addressing Anxiety in Adolescent Orphans: The Effectiveness of Social Work Techniques
Dr. J.O. Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo, Dr. R. Anitha, Mahammadsha Nadaf
Pages: 3060-3066
The purpose of this study is to determine the level of anxiety experienced by adolescent orphans and to support the use of social work techniques as productive intervention strategies. A questionnaire is used to gather sociodemographic data, and the validated Manual for Sinha Anxiety Scale is used to gauge the prevalence and severity of anxiety. In Tiruchirappalli District, 1,021 adolescent orphans between the ages of 13 and 17 who reside in government-sponsored orphanages were chosen for the study through a multistage random sampling. The results show that participants' levels of anxiety varied, with 28.1% indicating low levels, 46.7% indicating moderate levels, and 25.3% indicating high levels. Age, place of residence, level of education, type of orphanhood, length of stay in the institution, and gender are among the factors that the study looks at in relation to respondents' anxiety. The findings show that there is no statistically significant age-related difference in anxiety levels, but respondents from rural areas report higher anxiety levels. Additionally, respondents with a 10th standard education or higher exhibit higher levels of anxiety. Types of orphanhood and anxiety levels do not significantly correlate, but there is a significant correlation between anxiety and the length of stay in the institution. In addition, compared to male respondents, female respondents show higher levels of anxiety. Because social work is a multidisciplinary field, practitioners can help adolescents deal with anxiety in a productive way. The knowledge and expertise used in social work come from many different fields. Social workers can better understand complex social issues by using a multidisciplinary perspective that takes into account the biological, psychological, social, cultural, and environmental factors. Social work can address complex social issues and encourage constructive social change as a result of this multidisciplinary approach.
Anxiety, Adolescents, Orphans, Social Work, Techniques