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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 16 2024 | None
Amateurism as a way of improving the cultural activity of preschool institutions in the Balkan countries
Dr. Mavrić Lj. Mina, Dr. Branislav Filipović
Pages: 205-212
Regarding the fact that amateurism is widely represented in all Balkan countries, that it is aimed primarily at children and young people and at nurturing the traditional forms of the intangible culture of the people, which are diverse and autochthonous, the paper analyzes the characteristics of amateurism and the richness of the cultural diversity of the folklore heritage in the Balkan countries. Attention focus is on other components of amateurism as well, especially in terms of the benefits of dealing with folklore and the ways of functioning of amateur organizations in the Balkans. The cultural diversity of the Balkans stems from different forms of traditional culture, customs and preservation of intangible and tangible cultural heritage. Our work is focused on the possibility of incorporating amateurism into the curricula, that is, the plans and programs of preschool institutions and the possibility of improving the cultural activities of preschool institutions. Amateurism in preschool institutions can improve work in terms of improving cultural activities, developing physical and educational activities. Amateurism as an opportunity to improve the cultural activity of preschool institutions in the Balkan countries would improve the socialization of children, their physical activity, but also the acquisition of knowledge about the traditional culture of their own people and other peoples as well.
amateurism, cultural diversity of the Balkans, folklore, improvement of cultural activities, improvement of physical activities