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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
An Enhanced and Efficient Permission Manager for Android Automotives
V.Sivamurugan, K.R.Uthayan
Pages: 3311-3321
Data privacy has always been important. As more of our data becomes digitized, and we share more information online, data privacy is taking on greater importance. A single company may possess the personal information of millions of customers' data that it needs to keep private so that customers’ identities stay as safe and protected as possible, and the company’s reputation remains untarnished. Data Technology (DT) Privacy Technology is a Data privacy company solely aiming to put back the data transparency and consent to the user in making every single user of the car aware of what exactly they are sharing and what should not be shared. The DT Application is based on the framework that focuses on three important aspects of data sharing: Data Transparency, Consent, and convenience. The framework is designed in a way that the DT Application has two important features in it - Data monitoring channel and Data Control channel. Apart from the above features DT Application also focuses on the system permissions. System permissions play a crucial role in the Android security architecture. They are used to restrict app operations only to resources (e.g., file system, network) that the user has agreed to share. An approach aimed at helping Android users and developers to compare the risk level of a set of Android applications. DT Application assigns risk factors to each of the applications based on the Android classification of permissions and helps users to control the permissions. This application is divided into different parts for development. For this particular work, the Permission Module, the view layer and the view model layer using Model View Controller architecture with data binding is being developed. It also enables the user to monitor and control the real time permissions (location, camera, microphone etc.) that an application is accessing to send data through the network. The proposed New Permission Manager shall give the user complete control over the applications on which permissions that they use and keep the user aware of the background permission usage situation with Live monitoring.
Android Operating System, Automotive Android, Data Control Channel, Data Transparency, Infotainment System, Permission Manager and Security Architecture.