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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
An empirical study on menstrual leave at work place
Dr. Kavithamma P.
Pages: 3203-3207
In any working place, both men and women are working together and for effective work, employees should be healthy both physically and psychologically. My research paper focuses on the mental and physical health of women. Menstrual cycle is one of the regular problems faced by women. This menstrual cycle is both physically and psychological related. So, every woman should take rest in that period, that period can be called a periodic leave. A period leave is a policy that allows women to take time off from work or school during their menstrual cycle. This policy recognizes that menstruation can cause physical discomfort and may impact a person's ability to perform their duties effectively. While some states and companies have implemented menstrual leave policies, it is not a widely adopted practice globally. This paper’s objective is to consider the menstrual problem and make a proposal to sanction menstrual leave to our state, especially to Tumkur University women employees. To prove the objective of the study, the researcher used Chi-square test and some graphical tools.
Menstrual leave, Workplace policies, Menstrual hygiene, Gender equality, Women's health.