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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Analyse the Profits of Handloom Products and Promoting Handloom Sector of Bishnupur District, Manipur
Dr.OinamTomba Singh
Pages: 3113-3118
In a developing nation like India, the handloom industry is significant. It's one of the most significant economic operations that directly employs people. The handloom industry is classified as a small-scale industry. The handloom industry may be labor-intensive and situated in rural areas. Therefore, it helps rural residents become economically independent, and rural industrialization through the handloom sector may be a crucial necessity. Manipuri hand-woven clothing is highly sought after in both domestic and international markets for its artistic beauty and practicality. It’s necessary to enhance the satisfaction level of handloom customers, this study attempts to analyse the profits of handloom products and promoting handloom sector are identified in order that mobilisationare often finished promoting it as a livelihood activity.
Productivity, Profitability, Handloom Weaver