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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 12 2020 | None
Artistic shortcomings in Ali Jawad Al-Taher’s literary articles
Alaa Muhsen Hassan Al-Hassani
Pages: 876-881
From the Arab heritage to the Western heritage in his poetry and prose, Dr. Ali Jawad Al-Taher has many sources so that you can absorb it with complete awareness. After this, which door will you lead to? He is the investigating critic, the scrutinizing researcher, and the essayist.The research attempts to explore some of the artistic characteristics in Al-Taher’s literary articles, which constitutes a prominent feature, when he takes this direction, he seeks to provide light for himself only, and to let his companion know what he does not know.The most important achievement of the research, and it was believed in it, is to be a skilled associate of the essay text.An astute connoisseur of the art of speech and the eloquence of the article. It was limited to a number of characteristics that I saw. They represent prominent features in Al-Tahir’s articles, so I started with the beginning, then I started the dialogue, and when I found a noticeable rhythm in the article, I pointed to assonance and substitution, then I briefly referred to sarcasm as the aim of the article.
Artistic shortcomings, Ali Jawad Al-Taher’s articles.