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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 15 2023 | None
Assessment of Mentoring Praxis in Undergraduate Training among Science Education Lecturers
Funmilayo E. OLU-AJAYI (PhD)
Pages: 1-7
Moral decadence, dropout instances, and a reduced academic performance are common among undergraduates. This may be owed to the relationship between University Staff and undergraduates. Mentoring has been used in various forms to monitor and reform youth behavior. This Study explores the knowledge and practice of mentoring in the training of undergraduate science teachers by their Lecturers. The Study is of descriptive design. Population of the study is made up of all Education Lecturers in the Universities in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The sample size is 74, which is the present total number of Science Education Lecturers in the Universities in Ekiti State and selected through purposive sampling technique. The instrument used, was a face and content validated questionnaire. Reliability was done using test retest method and the reliability value of 0.88 was obtained through, Pearson Moment Correlation. Two hypotheses were formulated and tested using regression analysis. The result revealed a considerable knowledge of mentoring, mentoring impact on lecturing practices and influence of mentoring on undergraduates’ learning outcome. It was concluded through the results that Mentoring should be part of Lecturers’ obligatory role to undergraduates and the study recommends that Lecturers should endeavor to willingly create time to mentor their students.
Knowledge, Mentoring practice, Undergraduates, Science Education, Lecturers