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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Child Pornography-A Potential Threat To Globe
Ms. Shweta Joshi , Dr. Namita Jain
Pages: 916-924
The kids and teens of today will become adults tomorrow. People often say that having children is God's greatest gift to them. India is where the most young people live. Because this country is so different in terms of money, culture, and location, its children have many different needs. When the government makes a plan to protect kids from the effects of heterogeneity, it should take this diversity into account. Children must be kept from being different from each other. Even though sexual abuse of children is one of the worst crimes that can be imagined, the country we live in is in the hands of children. Even though the internet and digital technology have progressed to the point where they are now seen as essential and helpful parts of modern life, a key part of how children who were born in the digital age learn and grow socially continues to raise concerns about how they might be exploited in the modern world.