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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Construction and Standardization of Teaching Style Scale of School teachers
Mrs.Roselin, Dr.V.Balakrishnan
Pages: 2921-2925
The present purpose of study Teaching Style scale has been constructed and standardized for the school teachers.To measure the Teaching style scale of the School teachers , the investigator adopted standardized Teaching style scale developed by Sapna Sharma and Divya Saran (1971). To ensure the suitability, the tool was re-constructed and standardized by the investigator and research supervisor. This scale consists of Sixty statements. This scale consists of Sixty statements, items under the five dimensions of Expert, Formal Authority, Demonstration, Facilitator and Delegator. The Normative survey method. The assessment of reliability of the survey was performed using test- retest methodology used for this study. The sample consists of 100 schoolteachers randomly selected from the kanchipuram district. The final form of the Teaching Style scale consists twenty six statements. The investigator believes that the 26 statements scale are meaningful and reflect the teaching style scale towards school teachers.The researcher concluded that because of the mismatched/ not aligned of the teaching styles to the learning styles, the teachers must prepare variety of teaching styles and the students must develop and utilize their learning styles that will allow effective accommodation and adaptation with the classroom and program requirements.
Teaching Style, school teachers. dimension challenges.