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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 16 2024 | None
Decentralization dynamics and their impact on Special Education: A Systematic Literature Review
Virvidaki Aikaterini, Milakis Emmanouil, Argyrakou Constantina Corazon, Vasilara Athena, Bampouli Ioanna, Charalampidis Grigorios
Pages: 138-150
This systematic literature review scrutinizes the multifaceted dynamics of decentralization within educational systems, with a keen emphasis on its implications for special education. Traversing a broad spectrum of geopolitical contexts, this analysis delves into the nuanced interplay between school autonomy and overarching policy frameworks, highlighting the paradigmatic shift towards local empowerment and pedagogical freedom that decentralization heralds. Drawing upon a diverse array of empirical studies, policy analyses, and expert commentaries, the article illuminates the complex landscape of educational reform, where the pursuit of an optimal decentralization model is intricately linked with the quest for educational advancement.Central to this discourse is the exploration of how decentralization reshapes the educational experience for students with special needs, advocating for tailored approaches that resonate with the principles of equity, respect, and excellence. The review meticulously examines the structural and organizational transformations necessitated by decentralization, particularly within the realm of special education, underscoring the critical need for robust evaluation mechanisms, balanced equity, and individualization, as well as the imperative for structural adjustments to foster inclusivity.Through this comprehensive analysis, the article contributes to the ongoing dialogue on educational reform, emphasizing the importance of a thoughtful and collaborative approach to harness the potential of decentralization in meeting the unique challenges and leveraging the opportunities within special education.
Educational Decentralization, Special Education, School Autonomy, Educational Reform