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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
Determinants of Special Education Lecturers’ Psychological Work Hazards in Southeast Nigerian Universities
Christian S. Ugwuanyi
Pages: 604-609
Most personnel, particularly teachers, are exposed to one or more psychological hazards at work because of the multicultural nature of Nigerian schools. Psychosocial work hazards are common in Nigeria, and no research has been done to look into how teachers' demographics affect their psychosocial work hazards. As a result, this research looked into the impact of special education lecturers’ age and location on their psychological job hazards. The study was conducted with a sample of 35 special education lecturers from south east universities in Nigeria, utilizing a quantitative research approach and an ex-post fact research design. The data for the study was acquired using a 28-item questionnaire on work deviant behavior devised by the researchers. The questionnaire items have an internal consistency reliability rating of 0.76. Mean and analysis of variance were used to analyze the data.
Age, Location, Special Education Lecturers, Psychosocial Work Hazards.