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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Developing the contingent of civil servants in Vietnam to meet the requirements of the industrial revolution 4.0
Vu Thi Thu Huong, Nguyen Duc Dong
Pages: 1333-1340
The fourth industrial revolution is taking place strongly, all over the world. The breakthrough development of science and technology, especially digital technology, has profoundly impacted and changed all fields, from production, business, services to culture, society, and national defense, security. This brings opportunities but also creates many challenges for our country in the process of national construction and development. To meet the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution, Vietnam needs to solve many different problems, in which building a contingent of cadres and civil servants in sufficient quantity and quality assurance is an important factor. particularly important factor. Raising awareness of cadres and civil servants about the industrial revolution 4.0; Training and retraining to equip cadres and civil servants with professional knowledge to meet the requirements of the industrial revolution 4.0 and international integration; Developing strategies to attract talents to work in state administrative agencies are practical and effective measures in this direction.
Civil servant; Industrial Revolution 4.0; Developing a contingent of civil servants; Vietnam.