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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Development of a 3D Printing-Based Complete Denture Preparation Method
Dr.P.Mathiyalagan, M.Anantha Kumar, K.Prakash, R.Saravanan
Pages: 55-61
The aim of this research is to introduce a novel method for preparing complete dentures or half jaw-3- D printed of 3-D printed Teeth using 3D printing technology. This method involves the use of digital models obtained from edentulous impressions or the newborn child voice talk Mandible, along with Mandible relationship transfer, 3-D printed Teeth arrangement, and base border setting based on reference to remaining teeth or anodontia form. The data from preformation database is used to design 3-D printed Teeth and their burnishing surface, and to adjust occlusion for appropriate pressure distribution on the alveolar ridge supporting tissue.
3D printing, complete denture, 3-D printed Teeth, photocuring stereosopic printing, Mandible relationship