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Volume 11 2019 | None
Evolution of English Language in India
Dr Charles Pachimala, Dr.T.Sharon Raju
Pages: 250-256
One hundred and fifty years of intimate contact has made English an integral part of our Educational system and this cannot be changed without injury to the cause of Education in India. English has today become one of the major languages of the world and Indians can neglect its study only at the risk of loss to them- Jawaharlal Nehru the first Prime minister of India. By accidents of history and by the rapid spread of industrial development, science and technology, international trade and by something like an explosion in the speed and ease of travel and by all the factors which have been broken down frontiers and forced nations into closer inter-dependence ,English has become a world language. It is the means of international communication .it has created better understanding among the nations of the world and has been responsible for cultural give and take. It has opened worldwide chances for employment – F.G.French It is my considered opinion that English Education in the manner it has been given, has emasculated the English Educated Indians, it has put a severe string upon the Indian students and has made us imitators-Mahatma Gandhi.
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