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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Exploring the Impact of Background Variables on the Intelligence level of Senior Secondary Level Students
Dr. Anil Kumar
Pages: 3107-3111
It has been proved through various researches conducted in the area of education that level of Intelligence of students plays an important role in their academic performance in a significant manner. Intelligence is regarded as an inherent quality of the individual along with their unified and stable characteristics, which is further normally distributed among individuals. Level of intelligence can be interpreted statistically as the ability of an individual for acquiring knowledge and understanding in area of education, especially while applying it for the handling of new situations facing in the life and successfully adjusting to the social and professional situation. So the level of intelligence can be defined as the ability of an individual to learn and acquire a wide variety of intellectual skills and further to use this acquired learning in its most efficient way. It also gives an insight to the individuals and provides directions to the human potential for achieving their desired goal. Through this paper the researcher has tried to identify effect of gender, type of management and location of the school on the Intelligence of the senior secondary students of Delhi.
Academic Performance, Intelligence