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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
Graduate Employability Skills Needed in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0: Perspective from Industrial Practitioner
Amir Ashraff Hassan, Mohamad Rasidi Pairan, Nur Hazirah Noh@Seth, Nurul Aini Mohd Ahyan, Hanifah Jambari, Lokman Mohd Tahir, Sharifah Osman
Pages: 610-619
Industrial Revolution 4.0 was a turning point in the growth and reform of the industry that played a major role in improving the country's economy. This refers to the changes that took place in the mechanical industry in the past. In ensuring that technology is used to its utmost capabilities, the labor market sets the conditions for graduates to enter their desired fields of employment. These conditions are called employability skills. The purpose of this study is to identify problems that are occurring in the industry, focusing on the topic of engineering graduates and their employability skills. This is a qualitative study using the interview method. The researcher collected data from 4 respondents who played an important role in the engineering industry. This study uses elements of employability skills from previous studies. In this study, research found that the importance of marketability skills can provide an advantage to the engineering industry to increase production and service value to meet consumer needs. Among the marketability skills emphasized by the respondents are time management, flexibility in completing tasks, the use of new technology, and the desire to acquire new knowledge.
Employability Skills, Industrial Revolution