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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 12 2020 | None
Green Buildings as Work of Art Showcasing New Age Architecture
Pages: 265-271
The concept of green construction has gained great significance in a developing country like India. The theory recommends cutting down on waste and development costs. With the growth of urbanization, regular resources were used in foolish ways, which encouraged us to use green architecture and the concept aids in making the best use of common resources. The basic idea of "REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE" is what makes the green building sector an environmentally responsible one. Long-term, the cost of an abnormal state of financial and building execution is managed by green structures, propelling us toward the advent of a new era. The aims of a green construction configuration are to decrease the value placed on fossil fuels assets, raise the efficiency with which these assets are used, and boost the reduction, reuse, and exploitation of renewable assets. It makes better use of sources of renewable energy, water and waste management techniques, as well as interior convenience and hygiene by increasing the use of efficient construction supplies and development techniques, improving the use of natural assets and sinks via bio-climatic design, and using a small amount of energy for powering itself.
innovative materials, sustainable materials, bio-building, green building.