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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 15 2023 | None
Mrs. B Mahalakshmi, kandala .Rishie, chitturi Chandan, bojanapally . Harshitha, Dharamkar.Pragna
Pages: 21-29
We are developing a hyper local e-commerce platform using Flutter and Dart, while the data base is hosted on fire storage and continues to use cloud functions to implement some other uses of the application such as online payment gateway and daily, e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart Care Attitude towards businesses increases. This creates tough times for small local merchants and businesses. The greater convenience of online shopping is making it harder for local businesses to compete in the marketplace. Extremely localized services require a local ecosystem that allows customers to buy something from a store in their neighborhood. The hyper spatial consists of two main components: geography and time. Its target audience is people or organizations in a well-defined location, typically a street, neighborhood, neighborhood, or city. Hyper local e-commerce systems help customers to interact with local stores in a specific geographic area and provide customers with a better shopping experience through faster delivery of purchased products. Hyper local markets are therefore the next generation of it transforms e-commerce for sellers and consumers. This job is a challenging job for beginners, a perfect job idea for mid-level, and a regular job for professionals.
hyper local e-commerce, flutter and dart, fire shop, cloud services, geo location, security and privacy