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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Importance and Necessity of Research in Education
Dr Samuel Sudhakar Balla
Pages: 3139-3143
Education is an extremely important field in today's life. To be able to bring the country to develop and grow, it can only be thanks to education. If you say education is important, then educational research is also a very important thing. Research will show good points to promote, bad points to overcome in teaching and learning so that education can go in the right direction. At present, there are pockets of excellent practice in teacher education in different parts of our country, including some established models and some innovative new programs based on the model of ‘research-informed clinical practice’. However, in each of the four nations there is not yet a coherent and systematic approach to professional learning from the beginning of teacher training and sustained throughout teachers’ working lives. There has been a strong focus on the use of data to inform teaching and instruction over the past 20 years. There now needs to be a sustained emphasis on creating ‘research-rich’ and ‘evidence-rich’ (rather than simply ‘data-rich’) schools and classrooms. Teachers need to be equipped to interrogate data and evidence from different sources, rather than just describing the data or trends in attainment.
classification, data, educational research, evidence, focus, findings, sources