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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
Influence of Age and Qualification on Psychological Wellbeing of Special Education Lecturers in Southeast Nigerian Universities
Christian S. Ugwuanyi
Pages: 751-756
This study examined the sociodemographic factors that influence special education teachers' psychological wellness in Nigeria, taking into account the considerable responsibility placed on them. An expost facto research design was employed in this study. Utilizing the Psychological wellbeing scale (α =.78), data were collected on 47 special education lecturers taken from Federal Universities in southeast Nigeria using the scientific research paradigm and quantitative research approach.The mean and analysis of variance were used to analyse the data. The study discovered that, age and qualification had no substantial (p >.05) effect on special education instructors' psychological wellbeing. As a result, among the key factors influencing the psychological health of special education lecturers are their age and educational background but such influence is not significant statistically. Therefore, it was recommended that special education lecturers' credentials be given priority when they are employed.
Age, Psychological wellbeing, Qualification, Special education lecturers