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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
Information and communication technologies as a means of teaching in the process of professional training of students of language directions
Akhmedova Mukaddas,Fattakhova Diloram
Pages: 2252-2257
The article discusses the use of modern information and communication technologies in the teaching of language disciplines at the university. In the course of the work, the analysis of scientific and methodological literature on the problem of the use of ICT tools and modeling of an information system for professionally oriented foreign language (Russian) teaching is made language.Information competence, which has become one of the main indicators of quality education, is one of the main conditions of modern education, and its formation directly depends on the active activity of students in an open information and educational environment. Modern ICT makes it possible to create unique didactic conditions for the development and ordering of individual educational trajectories in teaching language disciplines at the university
foreign language teaching, integrated approach, informatization of education, ICT, information systems, didactic possibilities, terms.