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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 15 2023 | None
Interpreting Dropout Of High School Risk Factors in Algerian Context: A Qualitative Approach
Hafida Mokhenfer, Abde lhamid Abismail, Fadhila Saadat, Riad Zerrougui, Khaoula Ziani
Pages: 80-86
This paper aims to reveal the risk factors of high school dropout among the students of first year high school (FYHS). The study based on research question: What are the risk factors of high school dropout as viewed by the educational actors? The study uses qualitative data with semi-strutted interviews. Conducted with High school Counselors of guidance and school orientations, educational supervisors, teachers and Schools principal. This paper chose qualitative methodology based on interpretative paradigm. The study selected one high school from six state from Algeria: Ghardaia, Tipaza, Ain Al-Defla, Wade Souf, West Algiers. The schools were selected on basis sociocultural criteria (poor municipalities, cultural diversity, high dropout rates,absence rates, diversified geographical distribution). Participants were six (two males, four Females (Counselors of guidance and school orientations, six (five males, one female) educational supervisors, 12 (four males, eight females) teachers and six (four males, two Females) Schools principal. The analysis of Participants answers from different actors in education: revealed five categories dropout of high school risk factors that increase the risk of early school leaving the personality characteristics, family domain, school achievement and school climate, social behavior at school and social behaviors out of school.
At-Risk Factors, Dropout of School, Qualitative Method, Education, School Leaving.