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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 9 2017 | None
Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions: Unravelling the Complex Relationship for Effective Employee Management
S. Magesh, K. S. Giridharan
Pages: 149-161
This research delves into the unique challenges in the personal selling sector, mainly focusing on the high attrition rates attributed to diminished job satisfaction. Traditionally, a negative correlation exists between job satisfaction and the desire to leave the job, known as turnover intention. However, this study introduces a novel concept, the paradoxical 'dysfunctional turnover intention'. This phenomenon describes an atypical scenario where job satisfaction unexpectedly correlates positively with turnover intention. The research aims to not only substantiate the presence of this anomaly but also to investigate its recognition and handling by frontline managers in the workplace. The findings reveal dysfunctional turnover intention among the study participants, presenting an unusual positive connection between job satisfaction and turnover intention. Moreover, it is observed that managers are actively developing and implementing tailored strategies to address these unconventional turnover scenarios.
sales force, pharmaceutical industry, job satisfaction, turnover intention, turnover, functionality.