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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 15 2023 | None
Language of Panic on the Social Media: Building Resilience and Recovery
Mary Effiong NYONG & 2Oyedokun Samuel AJAYI
Pages: 151-165
Although hypertension and cardiac arrest have been identified among the highest causes of death in men and women globally, and high consumption of salt, sedentary lifestyle, stress, alcohol, smoking and diet have also been identified as their major causes, one unobtrusive, popular, friendly but very deadly cause of these health concerns, has been overlooked: the panic generated on the social media through a particular pattern of language use. Adopting an eclectic approach which comprises the analytical approach, this paper reviews the application of the language of panic on the social media and its effects on the global society. The paper finds that panic on the social media is a risk factor to cardiovascular disease and hypertension and also that there is no control over what is posted on the social media. Therefore, the paper recommends ways of building resilience and recovery for users. The paper concludes that since the social media has come to stay, users themselves must find ways to protect themselves from the devastating effect of the language of panic on their health.
language, panic, social media, resilience, recovery