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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Metacognitive Thinking: A Study Of Relationship with Decision Making Styles and Emotional Intelligence
Anjum Fatima Shah, Dr. Faize Ali Shah
Pages: 2962-2971
Objectives: Metacognitive exercises help students to become identify their pitfalls and potentials as learners, writers, readers, test-takers, group members, etc. The present paper is an effort to investigate the role of metacognitive thinking in emotional intelligence and decision making styles of young adults. Method: A total of 300 young adults(150 males & 150 females) from different colleges of Agra region were selected for the study. Metacognitive thinking was measured by Metacognitive thinking scale. Myers- Briggs Type of Indicator were used to assess the decision making style and Emotional Intelligence Scale by Prasad were used to measure the emotional intelligence of participants. Findings: The age range of the sample were 19 to 24 years. Results revealed that metacognitive thinking influenced significantly to decision making styles and emotional intelligence.
Decision making styles; Emotional Intelligence; Metacognitive thinking; young adults; Conscientiousness; Trustworthiness.