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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 15 2023 | None
Modern Linguistics: It’s Impacts in Studying Arabic Skills
AMINULLAHI, Ahmad Rufai , BADMUS, Azeez Adebayo, OLAYIWOLA, Qudus Wale
Pages: 142-150
The role of Linguistics is very essential in learning Arabic language skills. Therefore, this article aims to sketch out the role of modern linguistics in learning Arabic language skills. This study uses a qualitative approach with descriptive methods with the type of library research. The results of this study indicate that modern linguistics has an important role in learning Arabic language skills, namely in phonological analysis, understanding, analyzing, and applying phonological principles in studying sound systems in Arabic; language structure and language varieties; analysis of morphology and syntax formation, to understand morphological structures, word formation rules, morpheme meanings, morphological variations, and morphological patterns in Arabic, and to analyze syntax and sentence structure in more depth; semantics and pragmatic analysis, to understand word meanings and semantic structures in language; and also to understand how language is used in social and communicative that is pragmatic analysis. Conclusively, so, it can be deeply known that modern linguistics plays a vital role in phonological, morphological analysis and formation of words, analysis of syntax and sentence structure, analysis of semantics and word meanings, and pragmatic analysis and use of language.
Arabic language Skills; structure; roles; Modern Linguistics