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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 13 2021 | None
Modes of communication in Laura Esquivel’s Like water for Chocolate
Abisha C.S, G Anne Nithiya
Pages: 3019-3021
Laura Esquivel examines communication expression and repression in her book Like Water for Chocolate. Esquivel illustrates the value of interaction for both people and communities via the use of enchanted reality, the Mexican Revolution, interpersonal interactions, and cuisine. Tita, the protagonist of this book, is deprived of her basic right to communicate. Although Tita has complicated relationships with all the members of the home, Mama Elena, Tita's mother, tries to silence her by prohibiting Tita from expressing her feelings verbally. She has to discover alternative ways to express her innermost thoughts and aspirations as a result of this denial.Esquivel may have wanted to show via Like Water for Chocolate how vital communication is and how oppression of one's capacity for communication can manifest itself in whatever way possible. The purpose of this article is to show how protagonist Tita communicates when normal way of expressing is deprived for her.
communication, food, revolution, Esquivel, grievance.