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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 11 2019 | None
Morphological alternation between the intentionality of employment and semantic enrichment in the predicates of Alaskari imams, optional
Ass. Prof. Dr. Mannar Khalid Baddi
Pages: 326-334
Praise be to God who is worthy of praise, and may blessings and peace be upon the bearer of the standard of glory, Muhammad, and upon his family and companions...The Arabic language has always been a vessel full of subtle meanings and connotations and an impenetrable fortress against modernist sciences and knowledge in general, and linguistics in particular, which made these sciences subject to its laws as a focus from which all its postulates originate. The multitude of these studies has only limited them to expansion and richness from the time they were revealed in the Arabic language in one chapter until the Day of Judgment.
Morphological alternation, intentionality of employment, semantic enrichment, predicates of Alaskari imams.