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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
Nature and Geographical Features of Desert Areas in Navoi Region
Mirsaid Jalilov, Narzullayev Umidjon Ortikovich, Jalilova Marjona
Pages: 2607-2609
The Kyzylkum Desert is bordered from south to southeast by the Zarafshan Valley and the Nurata Mountains, the Amudarya Oasis in the southwest, the Aral Sea in the northwest, and the Syrdarya Oasis in the north and northeast. The total area of the desert in these areas is 300 thousand km2, and in the east and west it is bordered by the great rivers of Central Asia, the Syrdarya and the Amudarya2. It has a unique feature in terms of its geographical location and influence, due to which it affects the weather and climate of the neighboring areas. The area decreases from southeast to northwest. Its average absolute height is 200-300 m, falling to 350-400 m in the south-east and 90-100 m in the north-west. To the west of the Kyzylkum there is the Aral Sea and to the south the Kuvondarya, to the Yangidarya.
Kyzylkum, Ayakogitma, Neolithic, Uzbek-French joint archeological expedition, Uzbek-Polish international archeological expedition, stone industry, nuclei, retouched stone tools