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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
New Magnetic Materials and Their Application for Development of Prototype Mini-Electric Transport Components
O F Demidenko, A L Zheludkevich, A O Larin, A R Normirzaev,, M A Tukhtabayev
Pages: 518-525
A method has developed for obtaining soft magnetic materials based on ABC100.30 iron powder encapsulated by phosphides, which includes stages of powder preparation, pressing products of a given shape and sintering in air at a temperature of 870–900 ºС. The structure and morphology of the surface obtained composite materials have studied. The density value calculated from the X-ray diffraction data is about 3% higher than the directly measured values, which are 7.7 g/cm3. The low porosity of the composites is confirmed by the SEM and EDX results. The results of magnetometric measurements and studies of the field dependences of the specific magnetization show that the synthesized composites based on ABC100.30 iron powder, the particles of which are encapsulated with phosphorus oxide, have the magnetic characteristics necessary for the manufacture of electrical components of electric motors.