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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Occupational Stress among Secondary School Teachers in Mizoram with regards to educational qualification and type of school management: An Analysis
Melody L. Betlu, Lalhlimpuii Ralte, Lalrinzuali Fanai, Francis Lalruattluanga
Pages: 2874-2879
The most powerful weapon which mankind can use to alter the perspective of the world is education. It helps to create a better citizen and a better society, which lead to the development of a nation. Thereby, it is undoubtedly true that teachers are the ones responsible for providing quality education. Effective and efficient teachers are required for the academic as well as practical success of students. Hence, it becomes necessary on the part of the teachers to upgrade themselves with the changing times. This continuous pressure upon the teachers has led them to experience occupational stress which can seriously hamper their health and can also adversely affect their students. The study analyses the occupational stress of secondary school teachers in Mizoram based on educational qualification and type of school management. A convenient sample of 103 secondary school teachers were taken and the collected data were carefully analysed using appropriate descriptive and inferential statistical techniques such as percentage, frequency distribution to find out the mean and standard deviation, and t-test. The study reveals that there is no significant difference in the level of occupational stress among secondary school teachers in Mizoram based on educational qualification. However, significant difference has been found in the occupational stress level among secondary school teachers with regards to type of school management. The findings of the study may be useful for conducting further research and is expected to generate awareness and provide relevant and adequate support to the teachers struggling with occupational stress.
Occupational stress, educational qualification, school management, secondary school, teachers.