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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 5 2013 | None
Oviposition deterrence in Tricholyga bombycis (Beck) on Bombyx mori L. larvae treated with Gloriosa superba L. leaf extract
Abitha Jasmine, M and Loviah Joseph, G
Pages: 66-69
Tricholyga bombycis (Beck) is an endo parasitoid of Bombyx mori L. is responsible for the loss of silk yield in certain pockets of south India. T. bombycis is a highly adapted larval parasite, preferring B. mori fourth and fifth instar larvae for their perpetuation. T. bombycis maggots are well adapted for an endoparasitic mode of life. Management of this pest by using dual curtain protection, hand picking method and administering uzicide do not yield 100 percent protection. More over, uzicides are chemical preparations which pollute the environment when used in excessive quantities. Thus there is a need for the development of efficient management strategies against uzifly. In this study, aqueous extract of Gloriosa superba L. is tried as oviposition deterrents for T. bombycis. The effectiveness of plant extracts increased with concentration. A gradual increase in oviposition deterrence was observed with an increase in the concentration of the plant extract.
Uzicides, Bombyx mori, Tricholyga bombycis, Eclosion, Gloriosa superba