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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
Pedagogical Conditions for Developing Communicative Competence in Future Officers of Public Security Departments
Alimardonov Zoxid Shukurillayevich, Khalilova Nargiza Ikromalievna, Ikmatullaev Gayrat Zokirovich, Murodov Bahrom Murod Oglu Dots, Orinov Davronbek Xayitboyevich
Pages: 598-603
The rapid socio-economic, socio-political changes taking place in society today place special demands on the communication capabilities and potential of people, including public safety officers. Therefore, there is a growing need for qualified competitive professionals to adapt to the changes taking place in society today. In particular, specialists working in the field of "subject-subject" relations, in particular, future officers of public security units are required to have communicative competence. It is well known that communicative competence is one of the interdisciplinary phenomena. n particular, it is being studied in detail in the fields of psychology, pedagogy, sociology. However, there is no widely accepted theory of communicative competence.
Pedagogical Conditions, Security Departments,Research Methods.