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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Prediction of COVID-19 Very critically ill (Equivalent to Deaths of the patients) in the United States of America using ARIMA Model in R programming
Sahoo Kalyan Kumar, R.Venkat Munni Reddy & Vaibhava Patil
Pages: 2476-2487
The worldwide epidemic is COVID-19. This illness originally spread in Wuhan, Hubei's capital. First instance traced to 55-year-old on November 17, 2019. The sickness spread globally. North Seattle had the first COVID case in January 2020. In April, the number of patients peaked, causing about 4000 deaths. This study attempts to anticipate the number of very seriously sick in the country by October and compare it to the country's predictions. Cleaning raw data into rows and columns helps in analysis. This project uses time-series analysis with the statistical and economic ARIMA model. ARIMA may be used to interpret and forecast time-series data. This model works well with nonstationary data. The model will take at least 21 days to estimate new extremely severely unwell. ARIMA is accomplished using the statistical programming language R. The interactive R shiny application visualizes the ARIMA model. This approach may be applied in different countries to estimate illness mortality. This model helps project the desired number of days by inputting the value in R shiny using data science.
Covid19, ARIMA Model, R Programming, Data Science