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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 12 2020 | None
Professional Work Commitment towards the Teaching Profession of School Teachers
Dr. R. Boopathi
Pages: 882-886
Teacher commitment is valued highly for attaining high-quality instruction, teachers' capacity to adjust to change, their attendance rates, their ability to avoid burnout, their ability to stay in the field, the institutional organisational health, and students' perspectives and learning outcomes. Therefore, a study on school teachers' professional work commitment to the teaching profession is carried out. Simple random sample, survey technique, and normative methodology have been used. Ninety samples were chosen by the investigator from three different management schools in Namakkal District. Professional commitment has been chosen as the primary variable for the study. The study's independent variable is the professional qualification. The findings of this study indicate that school teachers' professional qualifications have an impact on their level of professional work commitment to their careers as instructors. The next generation teachers, and aspiring educators need to realise how crucial their position is in the growth of society and the country, how it depends on the state of the economy, and how it will be influenced by the country's instructors. Because teachers serve as role models for their pupils, they should uphold their moral standards and behave as role models in their topic. This implies that a dedicated instructor can work in this field for a longer period of time.
Professional Work Commitment, and School Teachers