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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 16 2024 | None
Proposal for a Guidance Program Based on John Holland's Theory for Building the Future Personal Professional Project of Vocational Trainees
Messaouda Montasser, Boubekeur Bouzenna
Pages: 305-316
The current study aims to propose a guidance program that involves designing multimedia guidance steps to build the professional life project for trainees in vocational training. This program aims to assist trainees in choosing the appropriate vocational specialization by constructing a personal professional project that helps them make informed decisions about their training in a career that aligns with their professional qualifications for future employment. Therefore, they are in dire need of guidance in their career choices through the provision of a guidance program based on Holland's theory that helps them build their personal professional project. In this regard, the proposed guidance program based on Holland's theory is presented, consisting of several steps (to be mentioned later), in order to achieve the set objectives and assist vocational trainees in choosing their professional project.
Career guidance; Guidance program; Project construction; Vocational interests.