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Volume 16 2024 | None
Rebellion against the cult of Devadasi through Breaking Free: A Novel by Vaasanthi
Dr. Rashmi Jain
Pages: 119-122
Breaking Free: A Novel by Vaasanthi was translated from Tamil into English by N. Kalyan Raman. Vaasanthi has exposed the turbulent world of devadasis and the complexity of their lives. The stigma of being a devadasi or belonging to devadasi clan leaves an everlasting impact on the family which makes their life difficult and unbearable to live. Chandra Talpade Mohanty opined that women are the first and foremost victim of any kind of violence and suppression and this has been aptly represented in the novel. The double marginalization of women through gender and caste has been highlighted. The subjugation of women particularly who were transformed into devadasi and in general has been exposed. Devadasi (Deva-God and dasi-servant which means servant of God) system exhibited the injustice and exploitation of women. These women were married to God but were emotionally and sexually exploited by the kings and zamindars of the society who acted as their patrons. Devadasi system is a social evil and Breaking Free: A Novel exposed the trauma of the disenfranchisement of the community of hereditary courtesan dancers. The lives of Kasturi and Lakshmi who belonged to devadasi clan are intertwined and it diverges finally leading them to meet at crossroads.
Devadasi, exploitation, marginalization, trauma, courtesan, caste.