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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 13 2021 | None
Reproductive Span of Indian Women: A Review of Factors Influencing Fertility Patterns and Health Implications
Solomon Nungchim Moyon, Naorem Sharat Singh
Pages: 3240-3247
The reproductive span of women significantly influences demographic trends and public health policies. This review consolidates available literature on the reproductive span of Indian women, emphasizing factors affecting fertility patterns and related health consequences. Incorporating demographic, epidemiological, and sociocultural viewpoints, this paper seeks to offer understanding into the intricate dynamics of reproductive health in India and pinpoint areas for additional research and intervention. Major themes covered comprise the onset of menstruation, cessation of menstruation, fertility shifts, socioeconomic factors, and health effects. The review emphasizes the necessity for inclusive reproductive health initiatives customized to address the varied requirements of Indian women.
Reproductive span, Indian women, fertility patterns, health consequences, inclusive initiatives