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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 15 2023 | None
Resolving National Security Challenges through Technical and Vocational Education Training Programme
Abel Bamidele IBIDAPO (Ph.D) & Edward Olusola OSUNTUYI E (Ph.D)
Pages: 8-11
The security situation in Nigeria has assumed an alarming proportion as is being manifested in the rampant destruction of lives and property almost on a daily basis in various parts of the country. Thereby threatening the corporate existence of the Nigerian nation. There is a strong belief that these security challenges are related to joblessness, idleness, corruption and bad governance. Technical and Vocational Education programmes are designed to develop both the youths and the adults in and out of the school system. It is aimed at developing quantitative technological human resources such as skilled craftsmen, technicians and technologists in different occupational fields. This paper, therefore, examines the issues of national security challenges and problems of technical and vocational education and makes recommendations to improve the programme for satisfying careers for national security.
National Security, Technical and Vocational Training