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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Reviewing the Literature to Examine the Social Sustainability
Sakshi Gahlawat and Prof. (Dr.) Parveen Kumar
Pages: 3075-3094
This article provides a critical evaluation of the literature on social sustainability in the built environment, highlighting areas of disagreement and agreement, theoretical and conceptual gaps and future research directions for policy implications. It argues that the social component of sustainability is still a crucial and valid aspect of the sustainable development trinity notwithstanding revisionist perspectives that challenge the tripartite framework. Using the qualitative meta-analysis technique for the critical assessment of earlier studies and works on the issue, we identified and critically examined key themes in the concept and practise of social sustainability. Consequently, a few characteristics of sustainable society are presented, along with the implications of these characteristics for future research and policy. The institutional insights made for policymakers in this article will aid them in better addressing the neglected topic of social sustainability in metropolitan settings.
Social Sustainability, Sustainable development, Built environment, Urban theories and practices.