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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
Role of Microfinanceas a Tool in Women's Economic Empowerment a comparative study between India and Syria.
Hussain ALsameer, Dr. Nila Chotai
Pages: 784-793
The study aimed to measure the impact of microfinance as a tool for the economic empowerment of women in both India and Syria through observation, practices and studies carried out through these programs, and to know the impact of microfinance programs and their effectiveness on the ground, and the study concluded that these programs have a positive impact. On the economic empowerment of women in both countries, however, they did not achieve the desired aspirations optimally. These programs also focused on economic empowerment without taking other aspects of empowerment seriously, such as education, health, and the promotion of political participation.
microfinance, Economic Empowerment, SocialEmpowerment, woman.