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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 15 2023 | None
Mr. Ch. Mahesh Babu, Jella Saikiran, Gantla Meghana, Gollapally Srujan, Pagadala Vishal
Pages: 60-67
Crop damage caused by animal attacks is one of the major threats in reducing the crop yield. Crops in farms are many times ravaged by local animals like buffalos, cows, goats, birds etc. This leads to huge losses for the farmers. It is not possible for farmers to barricade entire fields or stay on field 24 hours and guard it. The existing systems mainly provide the surveillance functionality. They also need to take actions based on the type of animal that tries to enter the area, as different animals from entering such restricted areas. The other commonly used methods by the farmers in order to prevent the crop vandalization by animals include building physical barriers, use of electric fences and manual surveillance and various such exhaustive and dangerous methods. Also, the farmers resort to the other methods by erecting human puppets and effigies in their farms, which is ineffective in warding off the wild animals, though is useful to some extent to ward off birds. So here we propose an AI based Scarecrow that protects the crops from wild animals with the help of scanning using camera, it detects the stray animals or birds and when it detects the stray animals or birds then it produces a sound of animal extermination. We make a program with the help of live video detecting object using yolov3, coco names, cv2 modules. This ensures complete safety of crops from animals causing damage to it.
Webcam, Image acquisition module, Animal detection, Animal Tracking, Calculate Weight CFG, Animal Detection