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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
State and Central University Graduates Language & Communication Skills for Employability at Global Level: A Quantitative Study
Dr. Adam Paul Patteti
Pages: 115-121
This study investigates the employability of graduates from Indian state and central institutions in terms of their awareness of and possession of language and communication abilities. The main goals of the study were to determine the degree of language and communication proficiency required for employment as well as the knowledge of global employability abilities among these colleges' graduates. The study employed a mixed-methods approach to poll 1600 graduate students from 10 universities in Northern and Southern India. The results show that many graduates struggle in these areas, which can hurt their chances of finding employment. It's interesting to note that graduates from central universities typically demonstrate marginally better language and communication abilities than graduates from state colleges. Graduates typically face three main challenges: poor writing abilities, difficulty expressing ideas clearly, and difficulty choosing effective communication techniques. Educational institutions are urged to make employability skill development a required part of their curricula in light of these findings. Speaking multiple languages increases one's employability and opens up a greater range of career options. This study emphasizes how crucial it is for graduates to invest in improving their language and communication abilities in order to succeed in a global labor market.
Employability, Language skills, Communication skills, University Graduates, Global level