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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | None
Study of health information literacy level in different community members in Community Health Centers of Sagar District of Madhya Pradesh
Dr. Md. Abdul Latif
Pages: 3104-3112
The current study looked into health literacy among rural women and the administration of healthcare, as well as the operations of the ten Community Health Centers (CHCs) in Sagar District of Madhya Pradesh. This paper is a component of a bigger research project for Community Health that aims to improve health information for rural women.A structured questionnaire is the tool used to collect data for the study, which uses a user survey method. A total of 300 rural women were given the questionnaire, and 10 Community Health Centers of SagarDistrict were chosen. This study aims to identify the elements that influence rural women's health literacy targets in rural areas. Although it was believed that women's health literacy affected their reproductive health, no comprehensive systematic reviews on the subject have been carried out.Our goal was to carefully find, examine, and summarize information on the connections between women's reproductive health knowledge, actions, and outcomes.
Health Literacy, contraception,Community Health Center, PHCs, Rural Women, Sagar, MP.