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Volume 14 2022 | .
Studying the Body Shapes of Obese Iraqi Women
Ansam Abdel-Qader Khalil Al-Mawla, Prof. Dr. BushraFadelSaleh Al-Tamimi
Pages: 2294-2309
The research has several goals and objectives that it seeks to achieve, and they can be clarified as follows: 1- Determining the body shapes of obese Iraqi women. 2- Finding a standard specification for the body of an obese Iraqi woman for the category 18-55 years. The research sample community included a number of (100) women, students and affiliates of the University of Baghdad and Obesity Research Center, College of Medicine, Al-Kindi College of Medicine, and the sample was intentional. The two researchers used the following statistical methods: 1- Percentage. 2- Range. 3- Arithmetic mean. 4- Standard deviation. 5- Variance.(Al-Munazel, 2010, p. 55- p69).
body shape and obese body.