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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 14 2022 | .
The Arab Spring and its Aftermath in Basma Abdel Aziz's The Queue
Saja Faris Radhe, Professor Luma Ibrahim Al-Barazenji
Pages: 443-452
The current study aims at clarifying the relationship between authority and citizens through the Social Contract theory and the endless struggle between them to obtain power. The study investigates the beginning of the state of nature and the modern social contract through the perspective of Thomas Hobbes, John Lock, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and John Rawls. The citizens protest against their authority to obtain their freedom under some circumstances. The Arab Spring that happened in the Arab countries is an example of the relationship between the citizens and the authority. The study is divided intosixsections: The first discusses the Social Contract Theory. The second presents the meaning of freedom, especially the freedom of speech and when it becomes frail. While the life of Basma Abdel Aziz is discussed in the fourthsection. Thus, the fifthsection is the analysis of the novel The Queue. The study ends with the sixthsection,which presents the conclusions.
The Social Contract Theory, Freedom, Arab Spring, Basma Abdel Aziz