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Research Article | Open Access
Volume 15 2023 | None
The Contribution of Student Support Services to Academic Success and Graduation Rates in Higher Education
Dr. Amit Channa
Pages: 176-191
Introduction: The higher education system is one of the aspects that have a dynamic nature and are associated with changes. Considering such dynamic nature student support systems become essential for the success of student success. Therefore, the empirical analysis aim of the study is to analyse the impact of student support services on graduation rates and academic performance in higher education through a quantitative analysis. Literature Review: The review of literature is associated with the systematic analysis of relevant past literature. Moreover, an independent idea related to the topic was developed through the review of the literature. Furthermore, all the literature is cited accordingly. Methodology: A basic quantitative method of analysis was employed to investigate the problem. Seventy people were selected at random for the data-collecting process. For the same purpose, a survey was also conducted. After the data collection, a quantitative analysis was performed using IBM SPSS software. Findings: It was discovered that elements like the kind and calibre of student support services are crucial and that the university atmosphere has a big impact on the students. A regression study, however, showed that one of the most important factors in ensuring graduate students' success is service accessibility. Discussion: The overall study discusses according to the findings of the quantitative analysis Conclusion: The process was completed and a summary of the results was given in the conclusion section.
Student Support Service, The Success of Graduate Students, Higher Education Support, Type Of Student Support, Quality Of Student Support